Aquaosmo AWG is a machine that makes drinking water from humidity in the air using a technologically advanced system that relies on the natural process of condensation which transforms air into water.
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Aquaosmo Home Models

For home needs


Aquaosmo Commercial Solutions

For Industries, Military & Farming


Aquaosmo Mid Range Solutions

For Small Business


We are committed to promote low carbon emissions, water conservation and protecting and returning to nature.

Superior Technology

Our AWG products can decrease 50% power consumption significantly by unique heat exchanging technology

High Quality

We use latest technologies in water purification to ensure the produced to be in best quality

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We have wide range of product which suites your needs

Home Solutions

20L-80L aquaosmo suites for all home needs.

Farming Solutions

Aquaosmo 1000L-10000L solutions for farm needs

For Military

Portable aquaosmo units for military purposes

For Business

Aquaosmo mid range and commercial solutions for small – large business