Aquaosmo AWG is a machine that makes drinking water from humidity in the air using a technologically advanced system that relies on the natural process of condensation which transforms air into water.
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The Company


Aquaosmo involves in the air dehumidification business since 2005, after years of development, we have gained several patents for dehumidification and have been the largest dehumidifier manufacturer in China now.

In 2015, BESTWAY (HANGZHOU) DRINKING WATER EQUIPMENT CO., LTD was founded, which focuses on R&D, designing, manufacturing and sales of atmospheric water generator(AWG) in partnership with Amigoz which was setup in 2010.

Since its inception, Bestway has completed its product line from a single industry unit, to include today a fully home unit of AWG, portable AWG, Aquaosmo water station, etc.

With economic development and increase of population, clean and drinkable water supply continues to decrease. The atmosphere contains almost undefined quantity of water in moisture form, now, with Aquaosmo’s technology, harvested clean water from atmosphere could solve all the water crisis problems including water pollution, water shortage worldwide.

Aquaosmo provide eco friendly solution for solving the water crisis problem, by capturing clean water from atmospheric vapor for different application from home , office to industry and commercial for potable water. Around these applications, our AWG products can decrease 50% power consumption significantly by unique heat exchanging technology, and with same water production capacity.

The merge between Bestway and Amigoz and an outperforming R&D team have led to the innovation of a new technology that will be used in upcoming AWGs for a more compact and less power consuming machines which will be a breakthrough in the history of AWG manufacturers.

Now, Aquaosmo has been the leading manufacturer of atmospheric water generator in China, with 300000 units AWG production capacity per year and distributors spans worldwide.


Our vision is to help alleviate water crisis and provide clean, healthy, safe drinking water for everyone in the world.

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Our mission is in providing clean drinking water to those areas in need, by using our brand AQUAOSMO® which is cost-effective atmospheric water generators to capture drinking water from moisture in air.
The atmosphere contains a large volume of water, which could satisfy people’s need of drinking water. Bestway use this nature’s gift to develop fresh water — the atmosphere and our eco friendly technology produce pure drinking water easily and efficiently.

Wall of Fame


The first commercial type dehumidifier was designed


The 1st generation commercial type AWG was designed


The Commercial Use Water Drinking & Purifying Business Division was founded


The home use dehumidifier was designed


The 1st generation home use AWG was designed


The Home Use Water Drinking & Purifying Business Division was found


The Bestway(Shanghai) Technology Co, Ltd., was founded, engaged in R&D, Sales of water treatment business


Bestway(Shanghai) designed the wall mounted, bar type water boiler, and tried to apply the hot water function into the AWG products.


The 2nd generation home use AWG was designed


The 2nd generation commercial type AWG was designed


The two business division and Bestway(Shanghai) Technology invested the Bestway(Hangzhou) Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd.


Bestway(Hangzhou) designed the 3rd generation home & commercial type AWG.


Bestway invested 180,000USD building a super laboratory which could test and simulate any working environment(humidity & temperature) of the big commercial type AWG(5000L, 10000L)


Bestway invested 1 million USD built its own plastic injection workshop, which contains 17 units automatic plastic injection machines.


Bestway has been applying the high-tech enterprise and would get approved in the end of 2016, which is considered to be the pre-step to go public.


Split type home use AWG was designed


Bestway and Amigoz joined hands to set a new product example in the history of AWG industry with a new technology that will be introduced in the upcoming AWGs.


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